Snake party

Kids shows and parties are always full of anticipation. And of all the party shows that kids can enjoy, it is doubtful that anything beats a reptile show for a kids party. Children's party events are not always easy to plan, but when you get the travelling mobile zoo or hands on reptile display to come to your event, most of the planning is done for you.
The animal displayer usually comes at the very beginning of the event and takes little if any time to get set up and ready to begin to entertain the kids. The animals come out of the boxes or crates and are usually talked about before beging passed around in a secure and stable environment. As a rule at a good reptile party show, the kids will be able to hold the animals and without any serious safety risk. While bites are a potential hazard, these are rare and if they do happen the usual result is little more than a scream and a bit of blood. That in itself is not a rare event at a noisy kids party, where kids going through windows and bashing one another up are common fare. As snakes are deaf, no amount of noise will spook them out and for what it's worth lizards don't seem to be fazed by excessive amounts of noise either. Crocodiles, alligators, birds, Koalas and possums are another story however and they generally like it to be very quiet. With this in mind, what critters and other animals you get in should be determined by the level of noise you think will be around on the dayt. There is a variety of options available, ranging from boring static displays with animals in cages, hands off reptile shows, best described as the show and tell style of performance and then the full-blown hands on reptile incursions that will blow your mind out. In Melbourne and the rest of Victoria, only one company does the latter kind of show, as in the hands on type of displays, so it pays to look around before spending up on the reptile display. As a word of warning, they are a bit more expensive than jumping castles and the like and so you may wish to check pricing as well. Some outfits charge per head and can be very expensive if you have a large goup of kids at the party, whereas a few others are casual on numbers and charge a flat rate per party, event or school incursions. Then there is the issue of location. Melbourne-based outfits charge much the same rate anywhere in the city and suburbs, whereas others charge travel rates and this makes prices widely divergent and depending on where you live. For example if you live in Mornington or the Latrobe Valley, you may find a local company can do a reptile show for a lot less than someone from Melbourne's east. Across Victoria you will find someone ready willing and able to come to your place to do a wildlife show and likewise for a greater variety of choice in kids shows for a reptile party in Victoria. Kids parties will always be fin with the cold-blooded critters and the children will always enjoy the occasion. However if you are in a bush place, it may be prohibitively expensive. As for locations and venues, these kinds of parties can be done indoors or out, but the general preference is inside or at least out of the weather, such in a gazebo or similar. There is nothing worse than a reptile party outdoors and in the wind and rain. However it's worth remembering that if the weather is nice and the temperature is mild and it's not too hot, under a shady tree in the garden is a perfectly reasonable place to do a reptile show for a kids birthday event. Also it's worth noting that some kinds of food and chemical disinfectants may be toxic to animals and so it is usually best to do the reptile show before the feeding of the kids. This is not a mandatory situation, but rather one that common sense suggests. If in doubt, as questions before the educator comes to your place and as a rule, all will run like clockwork.