Melbourne snake capture.

In all parts of Melbourne and elsewhere in Victoria, a reliable snake handler who knows his stuff about reptiles is a valuable person to have on hand when a serpent shows up. That man is the snake man Raymond Hoser. Remember, everyone loves Raymond.
It's important that handling of reptiles and snakes in particular be left to an known expert with a safety record unmatched anywhere and spanning over fourty years. In Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia, there are a number of supposedly accredited snake handers and snake handling courses on offer these days, but not all are experienced in the way that Raymond Hoser is. In Melbourne and globally, the best known snake catcher is Raymond Hoser and as a result he is the only person in Australia who actually owns a registered trademark for the words snake catcher, the trademark being for a logo with the word and himself holding no less than 14 dangerously venomous snakes in his bare hands. A serial trademark bootlegger did attempt to register a words trademark for snake handler or the single word variant, namely snakehandler, but he was refused registration by the trademarks office for several reasons. He was asked to substantiate his claim that he was in fact a snake handler, but was unable to do so as he only picked up snakes with brutal metal tongs, which is what he also did when he attempted to catch living venomous snakes. His methods were so brutal and dangerous that others who have copied him or been taught by him have been fatally and/or near fatally bitten. Internationally known Snake catcher and handler Raymond Hoser, is also known as Australia's snake man and the snakes buster, the latter title being a derivative of his business name that he has traded under for decades. As a licenced snake catcher the snake man has appeared on numerous top rating TV shows across the world displaying his unmatched skills as Australia's best reptile handler. These include news bulletins on all network channels, Coxy's big break, totally wild and the AFL Footy Show. In Australia, Hoser travels far and wide and to many remote areas. Besides being a reptile catcher and handler, Hoser's expertise with reptiles is unrivalled, and includes hundreds of scientific papers and books and the title of having named more species and genera of snakes than anyone else in the last 100 years, this including over 40 species of snake new to science from most parts of the world, including North America, South America, Middle America, Africa, Asia, Indonesia, New Guinea, Madagascar and Australia, as well as over 150 genera and subgenera of snakes, this number being a greater number than anyone in history! As a reptile catcher, scientist and wrangler and expert, the snake man is on call all the time to educate others about reptiles, frogs and other wildlife and he does this in leading animal displays, reptile shows and even in childrens wildlife parties, this being a concept he invented in the late 1960's and something he's been doing ever since. It was for that reason he even got the registered trademark for the words reptile parties. As a snake catcher, Ray Hoser is on call daily to remove deadly snakes from houses and other business to save the lives of both the frightened people who phone him and the affected reptiles.

Notwithstanding Hoser's stellar career with reptiles spanning more than four decades, he finds himself in the post 2000 period under attack from a group of inexperienced imitators seeking to take his business and reputation by unethical means. Even more scandalous has been the cooperation of corrupt Victorian ex-cops and others in their ruthless attack, not just on the snake man, but on Australia's uniquie wildlife in a manner that puts both species at risk and has already caused people's lives to be lost as a result of their criminal misconduct and deliberate and reckless dissemination of wrong and dangerous ninformation.