Melbourne is a city with a number of wildlife displays and shows. These shows are either of the form where you can come and visit, or alternatively the mobile reptile shows that come to you.
The most popular form of reptile show is the one used for kids reptile parties.
Why this is so, is hard to explain, but it has several reasons.
Kids between the ages of 5 and 10 often have themed parties and outsourced entertainers. The parents of young kids like to be seen to be doing the right thing for their children and being seen to be spending what is needed to give them a good happy upbringing.
With most parents now outsourcing kids entertainment, those parents who dont outsource kids parties entertainers and the like are regarded by their peers as stingy and perhaps neglectful of their kids.
So if you pick up a childrens entertainment magazine in Melbourne there will be lots of different party options. These include fairies, magicians, dinosaur parties, paintball, pony rides, limo parties, rollerskating parties, cooking parties, car racing parties, bowling parties and more.
Within this bunch are the wildlife type parties and this includes the original reptile party.
The snake man Ray Hoser was the man who invented the reptile party. When he first thought up the idea of bringing snakes, lizards and crocodiles to parties to educate people, many people within the wildlife business (yes for many it is nothing more than a business) attacked and lampooned Ray Hoser for daring to educate kids about wildlife.
Hoser had faith in his idea and put his money where his mouth was and registered a number of reptile party and reptile parties trademarks.
As time went on, it became clear that Hosers idea of educating kids and their parents about wildlife at his reptile parties, didnt just make sense, but it was also a financial winner.
In fact for Hoser, the business boomed!
In 2006 two police-protected criminals entered the business of wildlife shows. They couldnt match Hosers standards and so they set about trying to undermine his business and reputation.
They did this by making false complaints at events and using the internet as a platform to peddle lies about Hoser and his reptile party business.
While there was some short term success, people soon realized that the claims against Hoser were false and that the alternative reptile shows didnt have the high standards of Hoser and his team.
In 2008, a number of these newly licensed displayers used Hosers registered trademarks to steal Hosers clients. They did this via so called search engine optimization.
They created dummy websites using Hosers registered trademarks to divert people using search engines looking for Hoser to their own business websites.
In 2011, and after countless cease and desist letters, Hoser closed down over 1,000 dummy websites using his long-registered trademark Snakeman.
The man using the trademark to steal Hosers clients was a police-protected criminal named Tony Harrison. Harrison nearly killed a member of the public, when in a serious breach of his license conditions he allowed a member of the public to handle one of his highly venomous snakes. The man was bitten and rushed to hospital.
While such a security breach (one of many for Harrison) would normally result in criminal charges and jail, Harrison wasnt charged or disciplined in any way and remains in business doing his highly unsafe displays.
Another police-protected criminal in Victoria has had several near fatal snakebites involving his company and yet has never been charged. In 2013, that hander had an Eastern Brown Snake escape at a public event in Eltham into a crowd of people. In spite of complaints from no less than 6 independent witnesses, the corrupt Department of Sustainability Enforcement Branch did not charge the handler for having the highly dangerous snake escape into the crowd of people.
While reptile shows remain popular in Australia, it is important that people realise that not all reptile shows are the same. Some are educational and some are not. Some are safe and some are not.
The safest and most educational of all are those of the snake man, Raymond Hoser. He invented educational reptile parties and so he is in fact the original and the best, a trademarked slogan used by a fast food company. In 2014 a number of companies have used SEO to illegally use Hosers registered reptile parties trademarks to try to steal clients searching for him to do their reptile show entertainment. However as some of these displays are unsafe, Hoser did at end 2014 decide to take a stronger line against bootleggers. He said, that if people are searching for the reptile party company, they should be able to find it straight away and not be diverted to unsafe alternatives.
In other words if you find someone advertising a reptile party that is not Hosers, tell him and he will stop them selling inferior product.
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