Canine Snake avoidance training for your dog

In Australia countless dogs die each year from snakebite. Until about 2003, there was little anyone could do to stop dogs attacking snakes and getting bitten. Dog snake aversion training did not work for several reasons, the main one being that dogs trained to avoid non-venomous snakes were still attacking the venomous ones and getting bitten. The problem was solved in 2003, when the Snakeman Raymond Hoser developed the first successfuil method to surgically devenomize the world's deadliest snakes. These snakes could then be used for snake avoidance training of dogs and with zero risk to the dogs. In the last decade, the Snakeman and the expert dog trainers he works with have perfected dog snake aversion training to keep dogs away from snakes and safe. Your K9 need never be at risk again.
Because Raymond Hoser and those who work with him invented the first proper snake avoidance training for dogs that actually works, the Snakeman owns the registered trademark for the words, Snake Avoidance, for the purposes of education and training.
This means that imitators are not allowed to use the words, snake avoidance or anything deceptively similar to describe or advertise their business for the purposes of unlawfully stealing the Snakeman's clients or potential clients.
But as a word of warning there are a lot of thieves out there who will lie and deceive in order to get your money and to improperly train your dog using non-venomous snakes.
Venomous and non-venomous snakes smell very differently from one another and so a dog trained to avoid non-venomous pythons will still usually attack the venomous ones, after which they get bitten and usually die.
Only the Snakeman Raymond Hoser has the expertise in Australia to have vet certified surgically devenomized snakes, proven safe for more than 15 years!
This is exactly why only dog snake avoidance training with the Snakeman's snakes actually works.
So within Australia the one and only place to train your dog for snake avoidance training and aversion behaviour is the dog trainers used by the Snakeman for this very purpose.
The Snakeman uses all the relevant deadly species likely to occur where people and their pets live, including Black Snakes, Brown Snakes, Tiger Snakes, Copperhead Snakes and others.
It makes sense to have the authentic K9 Snake Avoidance training and not an unsafe trademark infringing imitator who will be putting the life of your beloved pet at risk.